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Social Media Skills Payoff for Acadia BBA Grad

Interests in social media and marketing have paid off for a May 2016 BBA grad of Acadia University’s Fred C. Manning School of Business Administration. CaseNet Media Inc. a spin out of Acadia University, has been awarded funding for a Youth Green project from the National Research Council’s (NRC) Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) to hire a recent graduate, Mike Dubee, to help it effectively market its innovative streaming video teaching cases to the higher education sector and corporate trainers. CaseNet streams cases licensed from Acadia University and developed as part of the Acadia International Executive Insight Series.

A Good Fit

Dubee will focus on the development of a social media strategy and recurring use marketing correspondence, contact databases, promotional content as well as the use of channels such as YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. He is well positioned for this task having recently completing his studies which included learning in flipped classroom settings and honing his analytical skills using the case method, He comments,


“As a recent graduate, I’m one of many who would rather consume educational content through a multimedia platform than print. Think about our classrooms in the future – do you believe paper textbooks will increase in popularity? If you look at recent acquisitions, even textbook giants Pearson and McGraw-Hill are pushing toward digital. CaseNet represents a shift in education, and it’s my job to place content where our consumers’ eyes are already looking: online”.

Innovative Undergraduate Business School

The AIEIS multimedia teaching case collection is created at Acadia University and streamed through The AIEIS is international, commercially focused and supported by Acadia’s Office of Industry and Community Engagement (ICE) and the Fred C. Manning School of Business.  To learn more, contact Dr. Conor Vibert at or ICE.

Mike Dubee, Social Media Strategist for Casenet Media Inc.

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