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Michael Sheppard Ph.D

Michael manages the platform and technology. A co-founder of CaseNet Media Inc., he is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Acadia University. Michael joined Acadia’s Manning School of Business in July 2010 after receiving both his Masters of Applied Science and PhD in Management Sciences (specializing in Management of Technology) from the Faculty of Engineering at Waterloo.


This supplements twenty-plus years of experience in consulting and management of information technology, as well as considerable entrepreneurial experience in the software industry.


Conor Vibert Ph.D. 


Conor manages content creation and client relationships. He is a Professor of Business Strategy at Acadia University. Conor is an entrepreneur situated in academia and he teaches in the areas of business and organization strategy.  He has built a successful track record of creating and commercializing innovative educational products.


A co-founder of CaseNet Media Inc. and an author of five books on management related topics, he has also published in many journals.


Teachers, college instructors and university professors can access case solutions for classroom use by signing up for access.

OUR CASES hosts management focused interviews and video teaching cases.

Currently our video interviews focus on two topics:

 1. The business culture of English Canada.

 2. The business culture of Japan from the perspective of Canadian expatriates living in that country.

Our video cases are designed to teach students how to analyze specific real world business or management problems.   These video cases are decision based and created within the context of an individual working for a specific company in a particular industry. 

The cases are simple in terms of their make-up. Business owners, managers or corporate executives offer insight about a recently encountered issue, its importance or cause, along with information about the interviewee, company and industry. Instructors have access suggested solutions.  The task of the students is to put themselves in the position of the interviewee and create a response that addresses or resolves the issue.


• Filmed insight from the business owner, executive or manager is the case content not the typed words of professional case writers or pages of text.

• We do not create video interviews to fit pre-written teaching cases.

• Our cases are not self-contained. Students need to search externally using  online information sources, social media, discussion boards or other sources to develop solutions.

•  Using video playlists to host and organize transcribed clips  enables case use flexibility and the capture of insight about the individual, his or her company and the industry under consideration. 

• The use of video  offers an added personal dimension. Seeing and hearing an individual speak can sometimes inspire case users to sympathize with the interviewee and his or her emotions.

What our users have to say...

Mehryar Nooriashfar
Senior Lecturer, University of Southern Queensland

“Multimedia cases will, in an effective manner, bridge the gap between theory (academic world) and practice (real world).”

Nicolene Barkhuizen
Professor, North West University
South Africa

“Cloud hosted. International collection. Simple case creation process. Video as opposed to paper. This make international collaboration very attractive.”

Gary Whittaker
Lecturer, McGill University
CEO (Retired), ACM Composites Inc.

“The cases are real and authentic. Students can see themselves starting these types of companies."

Shastri Ramnath
CEO, Orix Geoscience Inc.

“The value of multimedia cases is that they present issues common to many different industries but do so from different perspectives. As a business operator, these cases are ideal as they can help educate our team about alternatives and possible solutions for our current challenges.”

What's it like working for Casenet?

Chantal Peng

“As a student, I have realized that there are no bounds to what I can accomplish. This has completely reinvented my idea of job-hunting and seeking internships for next year and after graduation,”

Alex Dulay

"Being a part of CaseNet has been an extraordinary journey filled with invaluable learning experiences. Not only did it provide me with an opportunity to develop essential skills such as website development, marketing, and video editing, but it also allowed me to forge deep and lasting connections with remarkable individuals."

Kirsten Lawrence

“Working with allowed me to develop my skills in website development and design. I have gained valuable work experience that has benefited me in future roles within the field of digital marketing. It has also enabled me to grow my professional network, and gain exposure to different types of businesses, and a new style of learning.”
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