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A Message to Educators

Easy Class Preparation

Use of our cases means short class preparation time. In fact, sometimes our professors found that lectures and power point slides weren’t necessary at all. In general, students can be easily brought up to speed on a case and class time can be used for instant feedback or discussion surrounding the case.


Our cases are formatted in a manner that students can easily consume. The reality is, students are reading paper text less and less and consuming most of their information from digital media. It’s proven to be more efficient and in most cases makes content more interesting and easier to access. In twenty years, think of what our classrooms will look like.  CaseNet is an organic shift in education from text on paper to the digital world.

Teaching Value is developed by educators for educators with students in mind. That means we highly value good pedagogy.  Cases are structured in a familiar format: issue, cause, background, alternatives and solutions.  Many cases also include teaching notes.  In a pinch for a lesson idea? Easily search for topics or trends and find cases to use on the fly.


Every story in’s growing collection features a real business problem. Content is delivered in a crisp, first person perspective. We believe that practice problems are useful, but solving real ones using the Case Method is a most practical way to grow. As a result, when students graduate their problem solving skills will be well honed.


We’ve done our research. Our cases are priced to be extremely competitive. Indeed, they are FREE!

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