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Not Your Typical Mining Services Company

If you happen to be interested in companies that are charting unique paths, Orix Geoscience Inc. should be on your list.  Indeed, click through the company website and your will notice something different.  The talent or team of geologists forming the core of this dynamic company are mostly young, recent female and male graduates. Interestingly, the majority are female, a characteristic that makes this company stand out in a traditionally male dominated industry.

Dynamic Executive


Co-founder, President and Principal Geologist of Orix Geoscience Inc. Shastri Ramnath (below) recently shared some of her thoughts in a multimedia case filmed in her firm’s downtown Toronto offices. Its subject is talent management and was created for the Acadia International Executive Insight Series (AIEIS) and streamed through  This large web hosted collection of streaming video cases encourages learning in flipped classroom settings and honing of analytical skills using the case method.  Orix specializes in 2D and 3D modeling and has built its reputation compiling, interpreting, and modeling 3D data for mining projects with large datasets. 





Shastri Ramnath, Co-founder, President and Principal Geologist of Orix Geoscience



Commodity cycles are a headache for companies large and small in the mining sector.  The industry has reputation for hiring when times are good and firing when they are bad resulting in a discontinuity of knowledge over time. This entrepreneurial executive realized that if her company was to thrive over time, this challenge would need to be addressed head on.  Regarding Acadia’s case collection, Shastri commented,


“The value of multimedia cases is that they present issues common to many different industries but do so from different perspectives. As a business operator, these cases are ideal as they can help educate our team about alternatives and possible solutions for our current challenges.”


Engaged Students


Recently, the F.C. Manning School of Business and the Earths & Environmental Sciences Department of Acadia University were proud to host Shastri.  Careers in the mining sector was the subject for her talk with undergraduate geology students while she also engaged 4th year business students with a live teaching case. 


Innovative Undergraduate Business School


CaseNet Media Inc. through its online platform hosts and streams multimedia cases created as part of the Acadia International Executive Insight Series.  AIEIS is international, commercially focused and supported by Acadia University’s Office of Industry and Community Engagement (ICE) and the F. C. Manning School of Business.  To learn more, contact Dr. Conor Vibert at or ICE.

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