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Collaboration on Multimedia Cases Begins with Australian University

International teaching cases are an important part of the collection streamed through and created as part of the Acadia International Executive Insight Series (AIEIS). Decisions faced by business managers operating in locations such as Hong Kong, Japan, Iceland and the Caribbean are a prominent part of this large web hosted collection that encourages learning in flipped classroom settings and honing of analytical skills using the case method. Now, internationalization at the Fred C. Manning School of Business of Acadia University is taking on an added dimension through ongoing collaboration with the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba, Australia. 


International Reach


The development of multimedia teaching cases is being led by Dr. Mehryar Nooriafshar (below) of the School of Management and Enterprise.  USQ delivers its courses in the classroom and online making streamed video cases a natural fit.  Its location in a region of Australia known for growing dynamic business enterprises positions the school as an obvious hub for creating innovative educational content.  The development of two pilot cases featuring Findlay Bulk Freight Services has concluded successfully. The multimedia cases that will initially be offered in a USQ course commencing with in 2017 with the new academic year. Recently, Dr. Nooriashfar suggested,


“Multimedia cases will, in an effective manner, bridge the gap between theory (academic world) and practice (real world)”.


Dr. Mehryar Nooriafshar of the University of Southern Queensland during a visit to Acadia University.



Timely Research


An important part of this relationship is also exploring the effectiveness for learning of streaming video multimedia cases. Acadia University co-lead Dr. Michael Sheppard, commented,


“Our findings to date indicate that students prefer multimedia over text-based cases and that the quality of the content, rather than skills developed or the quality of the technology platform, explains the students’ preference for multimedia cases. Despite our results we do not yet know why multimedia cases, in general, are not getting more traction in business schools.  This question guides our current research to delve deeper for possible explanations, and on the practical side what we find will allow us to improve the user experience and content presentation in a way that motivates students to learn.”


Innovative Undergraduate Business School


CaseNet Media Inc. through its online platform hosts and streams multimedia cases created as part of the Acadia International Executive Insight Series.  AIEIS is international, commercially focused and supported by Acadia University’s Office of Industry and Community Engagement (ICE) and the F. C. Manning School of Business.  To learn more, contact Dr. Conor Vibert at or ICE.  

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