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In this multimedia case Chris Houston, founder and CEO of Surf Easy has a fundamental issue that he is dealing with and at this point with his company it is what to do next from a product cash management, marketing and channel perspective. Its primary product the Surf Easy USB key is a strong margin contributor and has had success and sale through partners like QBC on TV shopping. They have invested considerably in expanding into retail points of presence but the productivity of those stores has not been what was hoped for in large part because it is a product that requires a little bit of awareness building it is not something that is sought after. To help counteract some of the inconsistencies of TV shopping and provide awareness in the retail stores they have also invested in short form TV commercials called DRTV. They also have a VPN business which is new and its about three months in which is a recurring subscription business. Despite these efforts, the company is losing money and is entering a bit of a cash crunch period. They have raised a certain amount of money but have burnt through almost all of it. They have now dipped into a credit facility and are actually sitting at negative shareholder equity as a result of that. What Chris and his team really need to figure out is a strategy to go forward to make the company profitable. Visit for more free, open access decision focused video teaching cases from Acadia University.


Chris Houston



Business Activity

Surf Easy 

Data Privacy

Information and communication


Toronto, Canada




Fewer than 25

$1 million to $25 million

Yearly Revenue

Private Company

Type of Entity



Level of Difficulty


Teaching Objectives

Learn about information privacy industry


Business Development

Teaching Note

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