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SEAMARK Asset Management 1

In this multimedia case Bob Mckim CEO and CIO of Seamark Asset Management addresses and issue around his return to company after having left in 2005. Bob along with two other employees who had individually left Seamark, were asked to come back to the firm and manage it. This was circa 2012. In the interim period, or Seamark 2.0 as some people refer to it, there had been issues about investment performance. But more so there were concerns around the dysfunction of the management team. So one day at 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon, the owner of the company dismissed the equity team that managing the equity portfolios at Seamark. The next morning Bob and his two colleagues came in and sat in front of the remaining employees and had to deal with what they had inherited that morning. So they were faced with the challenge of what to do with the remaining employees and how to affect better performance? Visit for more free, open access decision focused video teaching cases from Acadia University.


Bob McKim



Business Activity

SEAMARK Asset Management 

Financial Asset Management

Financial and insurance activities


Halifax, Canada




Fewer than 25

Greater than $25 million

Yearly Revenue

Private Company

Type of Entity


Change Management

Level of Difficulty


Teaching Objectives

Learn about financial asset management industry



Additional Info
Teaching Note

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