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Red Planet Group

Catherine Lee is the Project Director with Red Planet Group, Sdn Bhd, a GIS solutions provider located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From time to time on large projects, her company runs into the same problem. Typically, clients choose to be responsible for creating the physical infrastructure needed to successfully complete projects. All too often the delivery of needed physical hardware or its’ set up is delayed, often by three or four months. Frequently these same delays can be traced back to procurement or management shortcomings with the project. Catherine’s challenge is to come up with a solution for these recurring problems. Visit from Acadia University for more decision focused video business case studies and to learn how you can use our cases in your classroom.


Catherine Lee



Business Activity

Red Planet Group Sdn Bhd

GIS Information Solutions

Information and communication


Kuala Lumpur Malaysia




25 to 500

$1 million to $25 million

Yearly Revenue

Public Corporation

Type of Entity


Project Management

Level of Difficulty


Teaching Objectives

Learn about client management


Contract Management

Additional Info
Teaching Note

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