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RBC Japan 1

Masafumi Noguchi is a manager with RBC Japan. He has quite an issue on his hand and explains it as follows. Let us say that there is a Bank A and Bank A has been buying huge amount of securitized products over the years. They have a huge portfolio of that product. Let us now image that we are at the point in time of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Now the client has to liquidate the portfolio. As you receive information about the client's intention to liquidate the portfolio, you notice bits and pieces of bonds being sold by the client every day, for the last two weeks. But it is a very small portion of the portfolio because the overall liquidity of the market is limited. Now you are in competition with at least two or three other dealers. You submit your price. They submit their price. If your price is best, they sell it to you. If not, they go to another deal. The situation is that if you can monetize this business or if you can change the efficiency of this business, the revenues from this client will significantly increase. So what do you want to do? Visit for more free, open access decision focused video teaching cases from Acadia University.


Masafumi Naguchi



Business Activity

RBC Royal Bank of Canada 


Financial and insurance activities


Tokyo, Japan




More than 10,000

Greater than $25 million

Yearly Revenue

Public Corporation

Type of Entity



Level of Difficulty


Teaching Objectives

Learn about international financial services industry


Asset Management

Additional Info
Teaching Note

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