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Randsland 2

In this multimedia case, Andrew Rand, Assistant General Manager with Randsland Farms has a logistics issue to address. His company has a contract to supply Sobeys, a grocery chain, with broccoli at their request, usually on a Thursday and a Sunday. They have an order coming in from the U.S. and that is the product that they use to repackage and supply to Sobeys. The time period is their off season. They found out on a Monday that the truck is broken down and they do not have a clear idea when they are going to get it fixed. They know right away that is going to skew the delivery time. It is not going to get there on Wednesday morning as planned. They do not know when it is going to arrive because they do not know when the truck will be fixed. It might be a couple of days late. But since they know it is not going arrive on Wednesday morning, the order will not be ready for Thursday morning shipping to Sobeys. That represents a problem because Sobeys needs are very important to Randlsand. Randsland stressed its commitment to giving Sobeys full order volumes and they do not want to short them. So what should Andrew Rand do? Visit for more free, open access decision focused video teaching cases from Acadia University.


Andrew Rand



Business Activity


Food Production

Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting


Canning, Canada




25 to 500

$1 million to $25 million

Yearly Revenue

Private Company

Type of Entity



Level of Difficulty


Teaching Objectives

Learn about food production industry


Late Shipment

Additional Info
Teaching Note

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