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Environmental Solutions Ltd.

Eleanor Jones is the owner of Environmental Solutions, a consultancy based in Kingston, Jamaica. Recently, an issue that she needed to address was one where her company had to deal with a major resort development that was coming into the country. Investors were invited as part of the government's investment promotion thrust. They were invited in to expand the room occupancy and capacity of the resort sector and also to tap into a new market because they would not only be doing building but they would also be bringing in excursions of guests which was a new area for the country. They had to get a permit and hired Environmental Solutions to help assist them with preparing the permit application and all the supporting documentation that included an environmental impact assessment and all of the consultations with the surrounding communications and key stakeholders. Environmental Solutions completed the work and the client submitted the application. The regulatory agency approved the application. However, an NGO objected to the development because of the size, its location and because it was going to change the character of the landscape in that area. To attack the regulatory agency for giving approval without doing all the due consultation, the strategy of the NGO was to try to discredit the work that Environmental Solutions had done for the EIA saying the EIA was flawed and the decision should not have been based on the EIA. So the NGO took the regulatory agency to court. As a result, Jones was faced with the challenge of how to respond. Visit for more free, open access decision focused video teaching cases from Acadia University.


Eleanor Jones



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Environmental Solutions Ltd. 

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Kingston, Jamaica




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