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Building Evidence to Support Our Cases

Taylor & Francis Online

"Our research supports this by verifying that business students do prefer to work with multimedia versus

traditional text-based case studies. Further analysis revealed that the quality of the content is a key factor in

determining a preference for multimedia."

- 2016 Cases for the Net Generation


Michael Sheppard Ph.D

Michael manages the platform and technology. A co-founder of CaseNet Media Inc., he is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Acadia University. Michael joined Acadia’s Manning School of Business in July 2010 after receiving both his Masters of Applied Science and PhD in Management Sciences (specializing in Management of Technology) from the Faculty of Engineering at Waterloo.


This supplements twenty-plus years of experience in consulting and management of information technology, as well as considerable entrepreneurial experience in the software industry.

Conor Vibert Ph.D. 


Conor manages content creation and client relationships. He is a Professor of Business Strategy at Acadia University. Conor is an entrepreneur situated in academia and he teaches in the areas of business and organization strategy.  He has built a successful track record of creating and commercializing innovative educational products.


A co-founder of CaseNet Media Inc. and an author of five books on management related topics, he has also published in many journals.