Valley Flax Flour 1

Howard Selig is CEO of Valley Flax Flour Ltd. located in Middleton, Nova Scotia. Recently he had to make a decision around the packaging that his company products would take into the retail market. There was good demand for the products but over time they had never found adequate packaging that would satisfy the retail market in terms of standing on the shelf, presenting a proper image for the company, and providing long term stability during the warehousing period and for the period when consumers were going to be using the product in the home environment. So how could they resolve this issue?


Howard Selig



Business Activity

Valley Flax Flour 

Food Production

Agriculture, forestry and fishing


Middleton, Canada




25 to 500

Less than $1 million

Yearly Revenue

Private Company

Type of Entity


Change Management

Level of Difficulty


Enhance product packaging knowledge

Teaching Objectives


Product Packaging

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