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Jim Murphy is a Vice President of Health Care Strategy and Business Development with Sykes Assistance Services. In 2009 he and his colleagues had to deal with an important issue. The World Health Organization announced that a new swine flu or variant of the swine flu virus had been found and infected humans in Mexico. A significant number of people were sick especially pregnant women and children. There had been a fear for decades that this pandemic was going to happen. The concern in 2009 was that it was indeed going to occur. As a provider for the New Brunswick Tele Care program and Tele Health Ontario, Sykes was responsible for taking calls from citizen around health care issues and they were concerned about their ability to handle the potential volume of calls that might occur.


Jim Murphy



Business Activity

Sykes Assistance Services Corporation 

Medical Services

Wholesale and retail trade


London, Canada




500 to 10,000

Greater than $25 million

Yearly Revenue

Public Corporation

Type of Entity



Level of Difficulty


Enhance disaster management knowledge

Teaching Objectives


Disaster Preparedness

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